Winter Homeschool Days




Back img_2597in November, the holidays were approaching, missed school days were piling up and I wondered how we would ever accomplish the years worth of work.  Then I realized how much enjoyment of life we would all be missing if I didn’t relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Well, I did scale back and we had very relaxed and fun holidays.  We did as much homeschool work as we could without pushing too hard and we took days off when we needed.  We have come all the way to February now and I was very pleased to find out that by January we were officially half-way completed with most of our subjects. 

In January we took a trip to Arizona for our annual Arizona Bible Conference and while we were there we had an opportunity for a hands on learning experience of a Cactus Desert from our Noeo Science curriculum.  We went to the Desert Museum in Tucson where we saw rattle snakes, Saguaro Cactus, Humming Birds, and even a Mountain Lion.  I highly recommend the Tucson Desert Museum.  It was a fantastic zoo and cactus garden all in one.  We also went to the Petrified Forest in northern AZ which was fascinating.  The kids completed the Junior Ranger program for that as a side project.  They received a certificate and a badge.

img_26061We are snowed in most days now and it seems that the second half of our school year really is our most productive.  My children are less distracted and the routine is more consistent.  This is also a time where I can see what is working in our curriculum and what is not.  I even start to think about next year’s curriculum.  Now that I can see the end of the tunnel for this year I can sort of get a grasp of what we are capable of next year.  I don’t think too hard about it but I start looking at all the curriculum websites.  I think about changes and really enjoy browsing through the next level of whatever.  I guess it’s like all the gardeners out there pouring over their seed catalogs just imagining what new plant varieties they will grow this year and getting lovely ideas about what the garden will be like this next growing season.  All this envisioning gives me great motivation to get through the tough spots because each years material is more interesting and rewarding for them as they grow and mature.  I love watching them grow!

I should also by way of reminder to myself, remember how excited I was last year about what we are doing right now and  make sure to enjoy it and get all that we can out of it. 

Keep Sailing,  


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