Learning to Sit Walk and Stand Part 1


Walking is all about the everyday things.  Bible class every day. Being filled with the Spirit every day.  Applying what I have learned every day.

The hardest part about everyday things is that they are small and mundane.  Huge important things don’t happen every day in our lives but the laundry does, the dishes, times of inaction as well.  I get up and go about my daily routine, it’s filled with daily mundane tasks.  The Lord doesn’t bring something new and exciting every day but He still has me alive on all the ordinary days.  There are many days that I wonder what in the world I’m doing that could matter at all.  I was just thinking today about that very same thing when I realized that the Lord Jesus lived roughly 30 years of regular probably routine life.  Mind you, He did it perfectly.  I was thinking how all of that daily faithfulness to His Father’s plan, living daily life and waiting, had to have been a preparation for the three years of His active ministry and eventually the cross.  The Bible says in prophecy that the Word was daily His delight.  He would have gotten up every day and gone about His daily routine.  He worked, ate, bathed and had times of inaction.  We know He also was tempted in every way more than any of us but did not sin.  He stayed obedient and faithful.

We have learned in Bible class how the little things matter.  He who is faithful in a little will rule over much (Luke 19:17).  If you apply doctrine over the very small stuff it will be easier when something much harder comes along.  I find it interesting that I know how important each small moment can be and yet I still consider it unimportant in my daily walk.  I still struggle most days to be content with the routine, with feeling like there is so much wasted time because I lack inspiration or motivation for greater accomplishments.  It can’t just be the tasks themselves that matter, I know it must be the motivation behind it.  I can’t seem to grab onto it.  You will say to me “Do everything as unto the Lord”  and I will completely agree.  Yes.  But I haven’t arrived there yet.  I want to live moment by moment in occupation with the Lord Jesus Christ, in intimate fellowship and not just when things are going wrong.  It’s easy to run to Him then.  I want to live in occupation with Christ in the good and bad with consistent mental attitude.  I haven’t arrived there yet.  I don’t know how long that takes but the Bible says it is a reality for the mature believer.  So, I keep on walking, going in and out of fellowship, rebounding a lot, applying doctrine when I see the opportunity, and going forward.  Happily, I might add, even if I’m not all that I would like to be right now.  I love my life but I know there is more to the spiritual life than I have right now.

The more doctrine I learn the more opportunities I get to apply.  Maybe the spiritual life is like that.  When you learn a little doctrine your opportunity to apply is in proportion to your capacity for relationship with God which is based on the amount of doctrine in the soul.  When you have maximum doctrine in the soul then your capacity for relationship with God is deeper and stronger.  The other cool thing that comes to mind is that the Lord has ultimate capacity for relationship with us.  Experience is only limited on our end.  He never changes in relationship to us.  It is only that we have need of growth.  Maybe that is why growth is commanded and prayed for in the Bible.

“Walking” in the Christian Way of life is a process and one I have a long way to go on.  It’s a moment like this when I am vastly grateful for the grace and patience of God.  He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry when it comes to my growth or my daily life.  I think I’ll try to keep that in mind when I’m tempted to feel as though I’m passing through pointless portions of daily life.

Keep Sailing,




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11 responses to “Learning to Sit Walk and Stand Part 1

  1. You are right on target. God is patience and will grow you in his time! Your knowledge of his Word and of sound doctrine will protect your heart and mind.

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    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Gayle Coble

    Mary, spiritual growth is an on going process. He continues to complete His work in us and fill our vessel. Personally I am trying to out run that ashtray stage!!! You are correct, it is the details of life…the misquote stings that can burden and derail us. We are always on guard for the charge of the elephant…the really big stuff. I have always thought the most important job of my life, was the stage where I was a wife and a mother to my sons. They are now grown men with families of their own, but they carry with them doctrine, attitudes and manners that were a part of our home life. Yes, there are always clothes to wash, a kitchen to clean up and the hundreds of things a child needs that “the world” tells us are not worthy of praise. Surprise!!! The world is wrong. Your job is the most important ever given. There is no title so honored as “Mother”. Stand fast in Him, His Word and our faith in His promises. You have found the key, doctrine, that unlocks all the doors. Relax, there is no hurry. He gives each of us the time to go forward, to fail and to pick ourselves back up and go forward. The longer the journey the less our failures defeat us. After all, He uses those of us who know how weak we are and much we must depend on Him. There is simply nothing greater than His grace and His justice. How do I get your post via my email address? Thanks, Gayle

    • mylittlebub

      Hi Gayle

      I found this very encouraging. Especially since you have the experience. It’s helpful to know that this time of life was really very special to you in retrospect and has great purpose, considering all that the kids will absorb from their time with me.

      I’m trying to set up a subscription. Give me a few days and there should be a working link on the page.

  3. Karen

    Hi Mary,

    I wrote yesterday how there seems to be a link between belief, faith, trust and staying on the board, and on the other side, not believing, lack of faith, and lack of trust in God (hardness of heart) leading to falling off of the board. Pastor Bob and David both indicated that when the disciples didn’t apply the doctrine they had just heard/learned, they had hardness of heart. Yesterday on the way to work a sentence came to mind: Change in perspective leads to a change in mental attitude. In my surfing analogy, I had seen the two almost as interchangeable, but I don’t think they are. The perspective is where the surfer is focused, the mental attitude is really a compilation of all that is in the soul (the doctrines, the beliefs, the norms and standards, the self-conscience, the emotional response to these things in the soul, the garbage in the soul in the subconscious, etc.). So how does my perspective relate to my faith in God and His Word?

    Well, the ugly, horrible truth is that I have made volitional decisions to not have faith, to not believe that God will do what He says He will do, to not trust Him. And I think this is why I’ve continually fallen off of the surfboard. He has shown Himself completely trustworthy over and over again. And I, like the disciples in David’s class, have the doctrine sitting in my lap (in my soul), and I choose to focus on other things and not believe what I have, not trust God, and not take that step in faith. I have bitterness in my subconscious, and when I choose to not let BD clean that out, I’m saying “no” to God again, and I’m developing hardness of heart. A hard thing to look at and admit, but sometimes truth is like that.

    Every time at work when I choose to worry, I’m negative to God’s Plan…I’m developing hardness of heart. Every time I choose to fear, I’m negative to God’s Plan. Sounds harsh as I write it down and see it in print, but I see this as completely true for me. I’ve often referred to myself as being stubborn, almost as if in some way it’s a good quality. It did help me as I struggled with the difficulties growing up, but it’s a hindrance now. Every time I hear myself say “I’m so stubborn,” I tell myself, “No, you are choosing to be negative to God’s Word and Plan, and you are choosing for hardness of heart.” Ah. “Okay, so now rebound, recover, and let’s get moving.”

    I liked Gayle’s point about how the things we think are mundane, or that the world says is unimportant, are really so very important. As Pastor Bob has said so many times, the cosmic system likes to get us to think opposite of the truth. I think self-discipline is a key component with the mundane. (And I say this as someone who does not have a whole lot of self-discipline yet.) I’ve seen that this is an area where I often tell myself “I’m so stubborn.” I don’t want to do those things, I resist doing them…but I know I need to. So in trying to change my perspective, I try to see these things as opportunities. With the housework, opportunities to take in BD via the MP3 player. I’m still struggling with the exercise one…that one I just keep telling myself that it doesn’t matter how many times I stop, the issue is that I start up again (George’s song “we fall down, we get up…” comes to mind). With exercise, I’ve learned that I am really good at talking myself out of doing things; I need to learn to talk myself (with BD) into doing it. And now I have to add the thought that saying “no” to these things is saying no to God’s Plan and will lead to hardness of the heart. Do I want that? No. I really don’t.

    Pastor Rory has said many times that living the spiritual life is a matter of saying “Yes” to God’s Plan moment by moment. It’s times like this that I realize how many times I’m actually saying “No.” And God in His grace and mercy, knowing that I’m being rebellious, still provides the doctrines over and over again and the situations to apply them, to learn. It’s times like this when I see how incredible He really is, how loving He really is, how kind and gentle…and I fall in love with Him even more. We have a truly amazing God.

    Keep on surfing…

  4. mylittlebub

    Hi Karen S.
    As I read this I could hear the whiny voice in my head say “but I can’t help it when I’m afraid!” “The fear and worry just attack me” “It’s not my fault!”. Which has gotten me to thinking, since my experience is that it FEELS like fear and worry just hit me out of no where and I didn’t have anything to do with it. Is that really the case? And since sometimes it will be inevitable is it still hardness of heart if we deal with the fear and worry through rebound and faith-rest as it happens or must we prevent it? Does doctrine in the soul prevent fear and worry or does it solve it? Or both?
    I could be missing a bigger point here, I’m not sure.
    I absolutely love hearing your thoughts on this, it makes me think.

  5. Karen

    Here are my initial thoughts.

    If the emotion is a responder, responding to what is in the mentality of the soul (all the information in the soul really– information, beliefs, decisions, self-conscience, how I see myself, etc.), then the emotional response I’m feeling is really a response to what I’m thinking. I think sometimes we are so used to thinking a certain way, we aren’t even aware of it and we just feel the emotional response. It’s like treading a path in the ground year after year, that after a certain amount of time you could roll a ball and it will stay on course cuz the path is so deep. I think with BD and the work of the HS we begin to learn what those thoughts/beliefs are that we have in our souls that are holding us back.

    I’m going to give a very simple example here of something that happened to me this morning. Sometimes simplicity helps me see things better. I had to go buy some items for a project at work. I was led to place one, and the items were 70% off (company going out of business). “Whoohoo! Thank you, Father.” Went to place two and got some other items at a great price. Get to work and the questions becomes, can we give this item to the patients? I’m instructed to go ask the dietitian, see what she says. My stress level is going up….I am already picturing having to go back to the store, return the item…and “what am I going to get instead?! I already looked at everything!” The dietitian says it’s okay. “Dodged a bullet! Whoohoo! Thank you, Father!” Go to give the assistant instructions on what to do, open the package, and the bags are about 1/3 the size in the picture. “Ahhhhh!” And my first almost subconscious thought, but I heard it in my head, was “why does this always happen? why can’t it ever be easy? These were on clearance, I can’t take them back. What am I going to do? What a failure.” And guess what the resulting feelings were– defeat, sadness, overwhelmed. Over a small project. (“He who is faithful in the little things, is faithful in much.”) How could I go from thinking that God had opened the doors to get these items and in less than 20 minutes be defeated? My thinking– denying His involvement, denying that He’s in charge of this Plan, denying His faithfulness, etc. I chose to believe the lie instead of the truth about Who and What God is. Guess what–The two items fit EXACTLY into the little bags. It looked better than if we would have gotten larger bags. Looks good and stayed in the budget. How wicked my heart is. How faithful God is in spite of me.

    So my personal belief is that we have more control and power here than we think….maybe more than we want to admit. Here is another visual picture that came to mind: you have a new military recruit and a seasoned warrior. Put them both in an “moderate” training situation and how are they going to respond? The new recruit will probably feel overwhelmed. The seasoned warrior? “This is a piece of cake!” Why? Thinking, assessing, understanding, skill. But if the new recruit thinks that he has no control over this training process, in the sense of learning and applying the skills he is being taught, he isn’t going to get very far.

    Now granted, this is easy for me to say and write…please remember that I’m in the same situation of falling off that board over and over again. But if I’m not aware of my faulty thinking, where I’ve lost my perspective, then I’m going to keep falling off. I want the HS to reveal to me where my faulty thinking is, what I’m not applying correctly, cuz I want to learn to surf well and I want to enjoy those really big waves that God gives me. For me, I need to learn that when I feel worried and fearful, that is a red flag (warning) that I’m thinking incorrectly…and that I need to adjust my thinking, my perspective…see the basket full of food on my lap (the BD in my soul) and believe, have faith, and trust God.

    Keep on surfing…

    • mylittlebub

      I think you are right, we have more power over our thoughts than we want to take credit for. If we have free will we are responsible for what we think and we can’t blame it on anything outside of ourselves. I do know that sometimes the negative thoughts that lead to fear are like those paths we carve in the mind. We go there so often we don’t even notice, you described that perfectly. I think I have a reaction to taking responsibility for my own hardness of heart and not thinking doctrine under pressure. I want to deny it or ignore it. I imagine that although rebound is a good solution to the sin of fear, it’s far better to have thought correctly in the first place. To actully ride the wave out.

  6. Karen

    Excellent point about our free will and us being responsible for what we think and not blaming others. Had not thought about that in this context, but you are so right. Like you indicated, this is probably where some projection comes in…projecting onto something outside of us that which we are really doing/thinking ourselves.

    For me, part of my resistance was some core decisions that I had made as a kid, decisions that were in contradiction to Bible Doctrine. God has had to show these to me, in His timing, when He knew I was ready to see them, and I had to make a volitional decision whether to change them. Your blogs made me think about this and helped me see that I don’t have that “excuse” any more…I’ve addressed that but I’m still making “no” decisions. I need to make that decision, as I’ve had to in the past, to “jump”…which after I’ve done it turns out to only be a step. 🙂 It feels like a jump because of my perspective/thoughts.

    Really appreciate your insight and thoughts.


  7. karenhancock

    Well, earlier I had no words to respond to all this, but now I seem to. While I don’t disagree that we are responsible for what we think, I don’t think it’s as easy to change as you seem to be laying it out. Particularly not with the fear and worry area. I’m speaking from 34 years of doctrine mind you, and in the beginning fear was just something that even knowing all the promises I just could not control.

    It took a lot of years, a lot of spells of fear and worry… God working through things with me so that I learned — and I only learned by means of going through those… and I see that once again I have written a blog post (maybe four posts) here and will strip it out and save it for another day.

    Fear and I are old friends/enemies. I have a lot to say about it. But not here.

    • mylittlebub

      So, I guess fear and worry can be a complicated subject. I thought too that I might try and write out some thoughts on the subject because I see how both ways are true. I can’t always control the fear when it hits and I’m also responsible for my thoughts that might lead to fear.

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