Learning to Sit Walk and Stand Part 2

Sit Walk and Stand was the theme of this last year’s Bible conferences all over the country.  The lessons were inspired by a Christian writer named Watchman Nee.  Conferences are a really great time to be with other believers and listen face to face from our Pastor Teacher since so many of us listen through the internet.  It’s also a time where we get to focus for a brief time on a single subject apart from our regular lessons.  We weren’t studying Watchman Nee specifically but our lessons were inspired by the subject of Sitting, Walking and Standing as it relates to the Christian way of life.

I love my “Sit”.  I love to go to Bible class.  I love to learn the Word of God.  I just want to learn more and more.  There is more to the Christian “Sit” than that but I’m just going to touch on intake.  Everything about the spiritual life begins with the intake of God’s word and  a right thing must be done in a right way.  God has given the Pastor Teacher a special gift for digging into the Bible and extracting the truth in such a way that it can be clearly taught and then easily absorbed by the believer.  By all means we can pick up a Bible and learn for ourselves but I believe without a doubt, after years of doing that exact thing that I was crippled in my ability to gain a full understanding without the gift of the Pastor Teacher. Though I went to church, I did not believe that I needed any man to teach me.  Plus how was I going to be able to avoid being deceived by a false teacher if I didn’t learn it all for myself.  I didn’t know at the time about my own sick head and deceitful heart.  When I was first approached with this idea of a “right” Pastor Teacher.  I balked.  I struggled.  I got mad.  I wasn’t going to trust some man to have the truth that I did not.   I was new to Bible teaching at the time and the doors of my soul were flying open with what I was learning.  It was like I had been dying of thirst and I didn’t know it or starving to be more precise. I realized that I had been saying to the Pastor Teacher “I have no need of you” as per 1Corinthians 12:18-21.   The gift the Pastor Teacher has to gain insight into the word of God is a gift from God the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ.  God the Holy Spirit uses the Pastor Teacher’s gift to give the fullest understanding of the word to those he is assigned to teach.  If you cut yourself off from the gift of Pastor Teacher or go seeking a teacher of your own desire, you are now limited.  You have excluded yourself from the insight the Holy Spirit has given to the Pastor Teacher you have been assigned to.  So you try and fill that void with your own human IQ and study alone. You will become frustrated, weak and weary.

The “Sit” is restful, it takes concentration and then sometimes it takes a little effort to check out what the Pastor has said.  It’s not a blind following of the Pastor. God The Holy Spirit is our true teacher. If I am led astray in any area I trust God to reveal that and bring the corrected information.

Keep Sailing,



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2 responses to “Learning to Sit Walk and Stand Part 2

  1. Karen

    When I found Bible doctrine, it was like you described…I had been so parched and starved, but didn’t even know it, and my Pastor-Teacher provided an incredible supply of water/food. And it wasn’t like God gave me “just enough” spiritual water and food, but an amazing banquet. It’s still like that.

    Also have to say that the struggle you described with submitting to your right Pastor-Teacher is a great example of what we were discussing yesterday on your other blog. Thanks for sharing this.

    Keep on surfing,

  2. karenhancock

    I’d forgotten how resistive you were to the idea of pastor-teacher, Mary. Or maybe I never realized how much of a struggle it was for you. I love how you’ve expressed it all here, the importance of the gift of PT which goes hand in hand with the importance of daily intake as the means of the Spirit speaking to the church. The danger of running off on your own, thinking you can learn it yourself when as you say, we all have sick heads and deceitful hearts. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Pro 14:12; 16:25

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