Beware The False Colors

Beware the sweet, gentle, helpful individual in the local assembly who really only wants to “enlighten” you.  They didn’t come to your congregation to learn. They aren’t wholly focused on working out their own salvation.  They don’t really believe the Pastor Teacher has all the truth.  Sure he has pretty good doctrines( he’s missing the vital ones of course) and they are just waiting around for the opportunity to “teach” you something they think you are missing.  They truly believe that God has brought them to you or your congregation to give you “truth” and they think it’s noble, right, and their calling.  They think they can possibly get the Pastor Teacher to accept their doctrines given enough time and if that doesn’t work they will be available to teach and be so nice and sweet and have just enough truth to wheedle their way in to a leadership position(so they can give the real truth to at least some). Or maybe hold an outside Bible study where they can work on the weak and searching. Then after the damage is done they leave feeling martyred for having their “truth” make them unpopular, after-all God must be calling them somewhere else to share truth with all those who don’t have it like they do.   Beware! be on guard.  Watch out for this attack!

Don’t become this person.

It’s never anyones job to be in a local assembly for any other purpose than to learn doctrine under their right Pastor Teacher and work out their own salvation with fear and trembling.  If it is indeed their “right” Pastor Teacher the teaching will be challenging and their personal study based upon the Pastor’s Teaching wholly absorbing.  If you find yourself disagreeing with the Pastors doctrines you need to be absolutely certain you can back up your disagreement with scripture and then quietly leave.  We have absolutely no business being in a local assembly where we think we know more than the Pastor.  It is never ever our business what doctrines our fellow believers know or don’t know.  It is certainly not our job to fill the deficiency even if there is one. Where in the Bible are we commanded to fix doctrines in someone Else’s congregation? Each believer in the local assembly is accountable to God for their own knowledge of Him and God will only expand that knowledge through the teaching of Bible doctrine under the filling of the Holy Spirit by their Right Pastor Teacher not Mr. or Mrs. congregational member(no matter how knowledgeable or gifted in teaching).  I’m not saying that God can’t show you something through a friend, encourage you or have the doctrines you know echoed or expounded upon, or help to get a point across to you by another believer but when it comes to learning doctrines and being grounded in truth, or fixing doctrinal deficiency, that is the Pastor’s Job.  If you are in the plan of God your face will be pressed forward like flint and you will be barely aware of anyone but you and God in the local assembly when it comes to teaching.  After the teaching there is room for fellowship and service but don’t forget to mind your own damn business and if you just can’t help trying to “teach” everyone what they lack.  Get your own church and leave everyone Else’s alone!

We are free to share doctrine with anyone and hope for others to know it (friends, family,acquaintances, co-workers etc) but not to go into a local assembly with that purpose unless we are the Pastor Teacher of that local assembly.  If teaching corrected doctrine is necessary in a local assembly you are a part of… then you shouldn’t even be there.  It’s not your right Pastor or the place God wants you to be.

I’ve seen this first hand and been confused by the sweet personality and sincere intentions and that is why I decided to write about it.  It only recently became clear to me as “false colors”  and worse.

I don’t want anyone to confuse what I’m saying with helping each other, encouragement, and sharing doctrine with all those around us in our everyday life whenever possible.  Or having a discussion about doctrines with other members of our congregation and learning something from them.  Or giving advice when asked.  Hopefully what I was trying to say is clear.  Don’t subvert the Pastor’s authority in ANY local assembly(good or bad) by your arrogance and good intentions.  Go forward in the plan of God being taught.

Keep Sailing,


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One response to “Beware The False Colors

  1. karenhancock

    I really appreciated this post, Mary. I’ve read it a couple of times now. Your distillation of the sweet person who will straighten the misguided out is very helpful. And your description of how it is for the true disciples in a Pastor’s congregation is right on. We’re not trying to correct what he’s said, we’re trying to understand it more fully and make the application and we can help each other do that when we share our thoughts. Sometimes it’s good to speak our ideas aloud, both to hear them spoken ourselves and to see if other like-minded believers are going to affirm them or bonk us on the head for forgetting obvious truths like “God is in control. He already took care of this problem Yesterday. He loves you. Why are you worried and and bothered about this?”

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