A New Home-School Year – Almost

It’s almost here.  Another home- school year.  I’m torn between dread and booming excitement.  A couple of days ago I had a short panic and wanted to put the kids in regular school.  Let someone else take responsibility.  Why me? I cried.  Why did I ever start this?!  Only I didn’t really mean it.  It just sounded great to be able to leave it all behind and have an endless summer.  Which never really works even if the kids were in regular school.  There would be homework(with tired and grumpy kids), assignments(that I have to mostly do anyway), volunteering, peer problems and that deplorable schedule of getting up early to drive them to school and then fighting the huge line of cars after school with half days and teacher issues and curriculum problems…it goes on and on. 

When I sit down to think about it, my life is WAY easier than all that;  We get up when we want, eat breakfast at a leisurely pace, then when everyone is ready we do a short Bible lesson and read a portion of a book I picked out and library books I approved of.  Then we work on the most pressing school subject of the day.  Then maybe we go on a nature walk ( you wouldn’t believe what your kids will discover just by doing that, they come home totally inspired to find out more about the world around them).  We do only what needs to be done and some of it is hard and some is not. And if we have a subject that is a real challenge(there always is) we can take the time to master it and no one gets behind.  Plus I get to pick the curriculum tailored to my child’s needs.   The whole while I get to correct attitude problems and administer discipline and teach about the Lord all day long (Cuz trust me they ask).  And there are a lot of days where nothing goes as planned.  Maybe we just need to get out and so we can.  We go to the park and on field trips and the kids meet all kinds of interesting people so that they are comfortable talking to all ages.  Kids and adults.  Oh yea, and I get to say who they can and cannot hang around with.  When I don’t get all wrapped up in my educational plans and all goes well, we are a really happy and relaxed family.  There is nothing in the world like teaching your child to read and watching them grow.  I wouldn’t trade it for all the endless summer in the world.  Plus I’d miss the school supplies, I just love pens and paper!!

Last year was hard.  I think that when I was looking at the upcoming year I was associating it with all the mistakes I made(and we survived) last year.  Funny too, that the kids are no worse for wear despite any mistakes I made.   I’m excited to see how the Lord leads me through the days this year.  No more unbendable schedules or strict adherence to the curriculums.  I can’t wait to see how it goes.  I also can’t wait to see the new Noeo Physics things that I ordered.  We had so much fun with their Biology stuff last year I have high hopes.  My daughter is learning to read and write and is a snap in math.  While Caleb is so excited about science…

I love being the Mom/Teacher.  It’s the hardest and best job I can imagine. 

Keep Sailing



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