Last Week Of August

We had a great week of lessons.  I was reminded of how easy it is to get lazy about rebound(1Jo1:9) and the filling of the Spirit.  It’s so important not to let hours go by out of fellowship.  We only get one day at a time and I’d like each day to have eternal value.  Time out of fellowship is lost but time walking in the Spirit has eternal value.  It’s pretty amazing that we even have the opportunity to have fellowship with God each day. 

The Lessons were also great motivation to keep reaching for being filled with God the Holy Spirit more consistently and mindfully and to let go of that ever present desire to make myself better.  More and more, I see how much the Christian way of life is God doing all the work and me just enjoying the ride.   How much better it is to see the work of God in me than my own exhausting efforts to fix all my flaws.  It was a challenging and freeing week.  As usual.

Keep Sailing,




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2 responses to “Last Week Of August

  1. I have two questions, well one question two parts: How do we get out of fellowship and why?

    • mylittlebub

      Thank you for this question! I decided to write a post about it so that anyone who has this question can reference it.


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