I had a great question from my last post about fellowship with God.  I thought it would make a wonderful post and I could reply better this way.

“I have two questions, well one question two parts: How do we get out of fellowship and why?”

 How do we get out of fellowship and why?  The believer gets out of fellowship with God when they sin or choose to live outside of the plan of God for their lives.  At the moment of faith in Christ, every believer is permanently indwelt by God the Holy Spirit, and this indwelling presence becomes the believer’s resource for power and guidance.  When the believer chooses to sin they are separated from this power and guidance though the Spirit never stops indwelling them.  They are effectively out of fellowship and unable to go forward in the Plan of God, do the works of God or have His guidance until this fellowship is restored.  God has given the believer a simple procedure for being restored to fellowship with God in 1John 1:9  “If we confess our sins(our known sins), He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness(our unknown sins).”  Because of the cross, God’s perfect integrity, righteousness and justice have been satisfied.  All our sins were imputed to the Lord Jesus Christ on that cross and God is now free to forgive.  Confession to God the Father alone, as often as we know we have sinned, is the procedure laid out in scripture to solve our personal sin issues.  Fellowship with God is restored because God is free to be faithful and just toward undeserving sinners based on the work of the cross.  The technical term for using 1John 1:9 is “rebound”.  Just like in basketball.  We are rebounding from our sins, grabbing the spiritual life and hitting the target. 
For more information on this doctrine you can go to  Which has a very thorough explanation of rebound as well as many other problem solving devices as laid out in the word of God.  You can also order the book The Filling Of The Holy Spirit free of charge, which goes into much more detail and explanation than I have in my short summery.
I also recommend the audio lessons from last week that I referenced in my post.  You can find that short series at The Believer’s Responsibility Parts 1-6
Keep Sailing,

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  1. karenhancock

    Great summary, Mary. I can’t be reminded too often about the importance of being sensitive to the filling of the Spirit!

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