This picture is so powerful to me.  Meant to soar but instead bound.

How much of our lives is taken up in applying the standards of other people to our lives?  How much of our lives do we base on the “should” and not on who we were made to be?  I’ve been wondering how much of my life is dictated to me by society or convention.  The more I learn the word of God the more I’m set free from what the world says is necessary.  I learn one by one the things that God says are necessary.  I’m not talking about the typical rebellion you see in life where someone has to distort their appearance and behave strangely just to throw off conventions.  I’m talking about a real change of thinking that comes from God and releases the believer to be authentically just who they are.  They eat, dress and do the things they love but they aren’t enslaved by their passions either.  They don’t take the same paths as everyone else and they succeed where everyone says they shouldn’t.   Part of that can be human maturity but I think it can be much much more, it can be the by-product of spiritual maturity.

The Kingdom of Darkness would love to convince us that we need to stay shackled to “the should, the must, this is the way it’s done” since we are so much easier to control that way.  We are available to God’s plans when we do only what He requires and we don’t care what everyone else does.  He sets us free.  He made us to soar and we have the power if we will use it.  It is inevitable that God’s path for success must veer away from the human track to success.  Human success is the best that man can do; a big house, a family, a “good” job, travel, toys.  The best that God can do goes WAY beyond those things and gives you a purpose that goes beyond inescapable decline at age 70 something.  When all the humans are grinding to a halt, you can still have a fantastic life that counted not only for time but for eternity.  You can be dying and still living in your personal sense of destiny.  Don’t get bound to this life and it’s “requirements” you were meant to fly

Keep Sailing,




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2 responses to “Bound

  1. Karen Hancock

    Great post, Mary. Kelli used almost the same words yesterday when we spoke about schedules and routines. “We’re to be available to follow His leading all throughout the day, however He leads.”

    I think the inevitable decline comes considerably before age 70 something.

    And I would like to direct your attention to a post I did in April 2006 of the soaring eagle. The accompanying picture seems a good counterpart to the one you posted. Here’s the link:

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