Notes on National Chaos

Our recent lessons have been on the subject of Why Chaos?  This subject turned to the reasons for National Chaos as well.  I’ve been learning a lot and thought I’d share some thoughts on the subject:

Good leaders and bad leaders mean nothing, it’s the spiritual maturity of believers in a nation that brings stability and freedom.  You can put all the right leaders in charge but if believers are not going forward in the plan of God chaos is the inevitable result.  What we see in the nation as chaos and downfall is really the result of a majority of Christians in the nation with no idea what the plan of God is really all about and who don’t know how to live it or refuse to do so.  It takes faith to put aside the petitions, political activism, and clamor about all the undeniable evil and loss of freedom in our day and trust that your daily intake of Bible doctrine under the filling of the Holy Spirit and walking in the Spirit on a moment by moment basis has national impact.  Mankind does not possess the power to bring blessing on their nation through will or desire or human action.  National blessing comes straight from God and is a result of spiritual maturity in a nation. 

Watch the other nations who go from Chaos to Chaos as they go from one form of leadership to another.  Watch the other nations who enforce morality on their citizens and have nothing but chaos and oppression to show for it.  I would love it if my believer friends and family would be less concerned with the democrats or the republicans and all the emails that tell the story of fear and evil and do as the word of God tells us and encourage one another all the more to be in Bible class and go forward in the plan of God reaching for the things ahead, the eternal.  The believer’s power is spiritual not political so don’t waste your time.  If you want to help your nation press on to living the spiritual life.  Trust the word of God that He will bless your nation because of you.  Trust Him that He will always do what is best for you no matter what condition your nation is in. 

Keep Sailing,



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