Mental Hygiene

I’m so happy to be able to write a post!  Our main computer is not working at the moment so we had to hook up the old lap-top to the internet and that seems to be doing the job for now. 

We have been learning about thought testing in Bible class.  This has brought into focus the mine-field of my mind and the contradictions between what I want to think and what I actually think in daily life.  My actions and decisions are the proving ground of my thought patterns.  What are my true priorities?  What is it that I daily love and devote myself to?  I can say that it’s not what I want it to be most of the time and I can also say that I don’t know yet what it really looks like to be living the spiritual life to the max.  My imagination of what the spiritual life looks like in a person’s daily life is mostly silly religious pictures of meditation and outward orderliness.  I have many different doctrines that show snippets of the spiritual life and I sometimes see it very clearly in Bible class but the clarity fades when faced with the onslaught of working it out in daily living.  Temptations, desires, distractions and moment by moment decisions fill up the mind plus all the human viewpoint already installed in the Old Sin Nature can make it difficult to get a cohesive grasp on the bigger picture.  Yet, we are not supposed to evaluate where we think we might be in spiritual growth we are supposed to press on, always facing the next moment with courage, leaving all the rest behind(oh how hard it can be to dump a jumbled confusing failure of a day at the Lord’s feet and just leave it there).  We are to be getting that daily mental renewal in Bible class so that each principle can add to the next making things clearer and also cleaning out the mind from all the wrong thinking picked up since last class or even long held error. 

Since we rarely give up our own ways of thinking till they fail us, thought testing can be painful  but afterwards it brings incredible motivation to go forward and find out what the thinking of God is really all about. 

Keep Sailing,




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5 responses to “Mental Hygiene

  1. Tabitha Pendleton

    I found your blog on a search for Pastor McLaughlin. I’m thankful for your courage to share and I’m encouraged by your posts. I’m about two weeks behind (with Sunday previews) on Pastor’s messages. I’m already seeing thought testing in a new light. Thankfully I was prepared by Pastor Thieme (of course with interruption by my own mental attitude) but the Holy Spirit laid a foundation through him in my soul. Sometimes I cannot believe I can live up to it. I’m a Mom to three and considered homeschooling after reading your blog. Thanks for being frank, I love fellowship with my Lord and I’m grateful for people who are honest about their struggle in the spiritual life as Paul was.

    • mylittlebub

      Hi Tabitha,
      I think it’s very cool how you found my blog! It’s neat to think how the Lord always brings us back to that foundation(or however much of it we have) when we are positive and goes right on building the structure of zoe life in our hearts despite the interruptions. Grace upon grace. I was thinking about this not so long ago, that God’s attitude isn’t one of slight disgust or dissapproval towards me when I’m negative, His attitude is one of positive encouragement, He can’t wait for me to continue on with His plan. He’s tapping His foot saying “Come on girl, get back in the race!”

      I also think It’s geat that you are considering homeschooling. While it’s not for everyone, it can be very good for most children. Well, at least the ones that either don’t fit into the pace of the system or those who fit too well and are easily affected by it. Of course I coud go on but I’d rather send an e-mail 🙂


      • Tabitha Pendleton

        I just read your post, so funny how I was transparent. I did not have faith. I’m sooooo happy God is gracious and merciful and I GET it now! He is so faithful to His sheep and will not leave us behind.

        I’ve read your posts on homeschooling and will try not to ask redundant questions but my husband is concerned about how the schedule will go since our youngest is 1omos and our oldest is in 1st grade (she is the only one I would home school this year). We had a 4 year old in a Japanese immersion program so she would stay until she is in first grade unless we needed to cut funding for it. I’ve been at home only 10 mos since our youngest was born and I’m trying to get a normal, organized at home schedule for our family. It’s so tough working outside the home and coming home (Thank God for the opportunity). I just need to get organized and I’m not practiced at it. I’m starting from scratch with a family of 5 which I think is different if you start at home from the beginning but who knows…

      • mylittlebub

        I understand your husband’s concerns. Having a new baby and learning the one income waltz is a full plate. It’s a valid concern.

        It all really depends on what you and your husband expect from 1st grade and then on up and what curriculum you would be using to start. If you believe the Lord is leading you to homeschool but your husband does not agree, then it’s not the Lord’s will at this time. He would never ask you to go against the authority. There is no hurry.

        What you can do, is put together a packet of information. The curriculum you have researched and would most like to use in the next two years, the homeschool groups in your area where your kids can make friends, the laws of your state and their requirements and your general plan of action. Break it down in such a way that your husband can see that homeschool isn’t just an idea but a working option. How much will it cost(for your curriculum)? What are the beneifits? Why would homeschool be better for your kids? Stuff like that. If after all that he is against it. You mught have to let it go.

        The Lord has a plan for your kids in whatever environment you choose.

        This is my 2nd year doing 1st grade and my personal philosophy is very relaxed for K-2nd grades. I only focus on the very basics such as learning to read, write and math. Everything else is faster learned and better understood when they are a little older. We spend 30 minutes on Phonic’s Road phonograms and writing them, 30 minutes on math,30 minutes on spelling and writing words with Phonic’s Road and then some reading practice. Other than that we go on nature walks and study the world around us, we read tons of books(about history and other subjects) and go about daily life. The kids get to really be kids with lots of free play while they get a firm grasp on the basics. I’m finding this to be very effective so far. My kids are excited about what they learn and are still right along with the state standards.

        I hope this was helpful. Here are some websites to check out , , , ,

        I am ecclectic in homeschool style but there are many to choose from for research.

        I hope this was helpful,

  2. Tabitha Pendleton

    Very helpful, thanks Mary. We went through the whole thing exactly as you said and yes, I agree it’s not the Lord’s will until my husband approves. It’s taken me a while but that’s one lesson I’ve learned. I will put a curriculum packet together as you suggest for two years, so far I have a bunch of links online and continue to read homeschool blogs so I can get an understanding of everyone’s style and how they manage life. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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