Out with the Old

I’ve been focusing a lot lately on getting ready for our upcoming move in April.  It’s the perfect time to clean out all the clutter that we’ve been hanging on to over the last 11 years.  I’m not a pack-rat, so this process is relatively easy for me.  I’m just surprised at the amount of things that we’ve held onto.  It feels very freeing letting go of old junk that contained just a hint of sentimental value but had no real purpose or beauty .  Or the old pot that I’ve been swearing I was going to need someday but never have.  It’s amazing what you don’t realize you have been keeping in boxes that never get opened.  It’s funny to think that I’ve been moving trash from house to house for years and years when I could have just lightened the load a long time ago.  All this was a very visual reminder of the secret rooms we hide in our souls that God must go through looking for the trash we don’t want to part with in our minds, and how the word of God carefully sorts through each and every dusty “box” slowly over time as we take in the mind of Christ day by day.  It’s nice to know the Holy Spirit is doing all the heavy lifting of renewing our minds!  This also makes me think of “Buy truth and sell it not” How much of my time and money was spent on things that were ultimately useless and needed to be thrown out?  In the same way, we do that with our thinking as we go through the day.  We pick up mental trash with our time in the cosmic system and each day in Bible class the word of God pinpoints it and throws it back out.

Another aspect I see is how we get rid of the stuff that weighs us down so that we can make room for valuable useful items that will be needed in the future.  That makes a great analogy too.  We need spiritual capacity for spiritual treasure.

Keep Sailing,



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