My Spiritual I.Q. Keeper

During Bible class recently I was seeing one aspect of the ministry of God the Holy Spirit in a new way.  The Bible says that God the Holy Spirit is our helper, mentor and teacher.  When we sit down to listen to the Word of God  and we have God the Holy Spirit in control of our soul,  He takes what we hear and makes it a part of our understanding so that it is usable, it becomes the wisdom of God and not just knowledge gained by human effort.  The word of God heard apart from God(or fellowship with God) is misunderstood and useless.  We have been taught that what I’m describing is known as spiritual I.Q. and every believer from the stupid to the highly intelligent have unlimited spiritual I.Q.  There is nothing that we cannot learn spiritually(about God and all of His plan and wisdom) under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

The thing that really popped out at me was that the reason for unlimited spiritual I.Q.  could be that God the Holy Spirit is the spiritual I.Q. keeper.  I saw it as us being able to plug into Him and He acts on our behalf as a second spiritual super brain that expands us beyond our normal ability to perceive.  Essentially He is the I.Q.  He stores and files in our minds what we are willing to learn and believe that is true.  He reveals to us The Lord Jesus Christ who is the Word made flesh John 1:14.  This is all just speculation but fun to think about anyway.  It is grace no matter how you add it up that we have been given God to know and the opportunity to have His thinking inside us.

Keep Sailing,


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