I had a nice relaxing weekend.  I spent most of my time cataloging my recipes.  I realized the other day that most of the recipes I use are scattered among various books and magazine articles on my shelf.  If anything were to happen to even one of them I would be lost.  Sadly, no matter how many times I make something I still need the recipe.  This way I can have all my best recipes in one place and even make a digital copy to store elsewhere and share with new brides, etc. 

Bible class on Sunday touched on the topic of freedom in Christ.   As a part of that freedom, we are free from being concerned with our sins and sin nature.  Free to focus on knowing God and living the spiritual life.  Free from trying to please God.  Free to live in all He has given(which is an enormous amount).  We can relax when life permits and not worry about trying to achieve at every moment.  Everything I could ever hope to achieve pales in comparison with what I have already been given. 

Keep Sailing,


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