“With All Your Strength”

While listening to a lesson on Ecclesiastes, the verse “Remember your creator in the days of your youth” has been a focus of study.

This same principle got me to thinking about how I spend my strength and not just on a life long scale but on a daily one.  I find that certain areas of my personal relationship with God get pushed to the very end of my day.  Not my intake of the word but the function of my prayer life when I take time out to talk to God about those I love and the difficulties I’m facing.  I tend to put that off till the last moments of my day when all my strength is gone, when I’ve given all my strength to the details of life.  I sometimes think of God’s mandate to love Him with all of my strength as a mandate to give him every last drop but I’m coming to think of it in a new way too.  If I want to love God with all of my strength then I want to use the greatest part of my life energy to be with Him, that time of day when I have the most energy.  If I take that time to speak to Him of stresses and sorrows, if I do that before I’m completely exhausted, I may have strength from Him while the day is still young to deal with the stresses and sorrows of life before I’m completely exhausted.

It’s not a law to abide by or anything like that, just wisdom and a consideration to make before I rush off to conquer the details of life and only talk to God when I have no energy left.

Keep Sailing,



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