Oct vacation 010The kids and I returned last week from a 10 day trip to visit friends and family!  It was one of those crazy hair-brained ideas I get from time to time.  Sure, why not a 12 hour drive all by myself with 2 kids.  It will be fun and educational!  Well, it was but I think the educational part was more on my end than theirs.  I really felt the Lord was giving me a push to go on this trip and it turned out to be very rewarding.  I get a little starved for like-minded fellowship here in the doctrinally remote parts of Utah, so spending time with my best doctrinal girl-friends is sweet refreshment.  My friend Theresa is also out in remote parts but in her case it’s AZ.  She was like cool water on a hot day.  We had such a good time talking even with our 7 kids running amuck and a few even being pretty sick with the flu.  She gave me incredible encouragement about this season of life we are in, raising kids and being help to our husbands through thick and thin, and knowing it’s ok to put on hold dreams and talents, for now.  It was awesome to be able to march together even just for a week.  Listening to Bible class together and re-arranging the furniture which was a blast.  I also got to be a part of their local assembly in a special NAGBC Camp/Bible class in the woods that Sunday!  It was really cool.  I loved getting to see their group in action, going forward together.

I was also able to visit with my family at the same time since Theresa is my brother’s wife (what luck for me!).  It was great to see my parents and watch my kids enjoy them and visa versa.  My mom made me desserts!  She knows I love pie and we watched movies.  It was such fun!

Then we went to Tucson where our local assembly is located.  There my friend Kelli spoiled me with friendship and food.  Sunday was a great culmination to the whole trip with Bible class surrounded by my very own “local” assembly which I have missed tremendously.  It was so cool to surprise my friend Kris and get to visit with her very briefly.  Then after class my friend Karen was able to visit all afternoon and we girls all sat and talked about the Lord and what we had been learning lately.  It was wonderful… 

Oct vacation 016It’s taken me a week to recover from all the driving and visiting but it was one of those really life-changing trips.  I was challenged in many areas and I learned volumes that can’t be expressed.  It was a chance to put some doctrines to work and to do some “field work” instead of “homework”. 

Keep Sailing,



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4 responses to “Travels

  1. karenhancock

    Love the pictures. And you made a great summary of the unsummable! I’m glad you made the trip after all. Sunday was an awesome time for me too. And just think, the AZ Conference in January is right around the corner!

    • mylittlebub

      I’m glad you liked the pictures. I thought they turned out really well too. I can hardly wait till January but I dare not make any predictions 😉

  2. Tabitha

    Hi Mary

    So glad you had a great trip.

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