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Happy Thanksgiving

When we take the time to consider all the blessings we have to enjoy right now and have received this year, it can give us a proper perspective about the Christmas holiday and the expectations surrounding it.  When you consider yourself full and content already, The Lord can easily be the focus that He should be and giving be done in proper motivation.  Take time this Thanksgiving to be truly thankful, full and content.   Let the holiday season be ritual with reality.

Keep Sailing,



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Every Thought Matters

I cannot see for myself the deceptions that I fall under, the ones that specifically are taking me away from Gods plan.  By definition if you are deceived you don’t know it.   I rely on the Lord to reveal them to me(He always does).  I also cannot see the deceptions up ahead, the planned attacks from the kingdom of darkness(that very organized invisible system and army that deceives the whole world) to neutralize my part in God’s plan(essentially to knock me out of the game).  Our current lessons have been a very strong warning that we must actively remove ourselves from cosmic influence (stop hanging out with wrong thinking) and watch for the “little foxes” the small thoughts, the subtle, friendly attack of cosmic thinking (often brought to us by unsuspecting friends or family). I know I can trust the Lord in bringing me the warning before the attack comes. 

It can appear as though a little cosmic dabble will do no harm; a little whining, a little complaining, a little unchecked thinking, just a little time with the wrong person.  It can’t hurt, right?  Wrong!  I end up way out of God’s plan, totally unfocused on the Lord and completely focused on me.  The result is guilt and fear, no fellowship with God and becoming a cosmic tool.  Getting back in fellowship is amazing.  Instantly, there is peace and focus, determination instead of self pity,  no fear, no guilt, just confidence.  Total grace from God to live the spiritual life.

Keep Sailing,



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Personal Appearance

While I was doing my hair and getting ready for the day, something new occurred to me.  I don’t know if other women do this but I will often try and imagine how what I’m wearing or how I look is going to be perceived by others I may meet that day;  Will I be seen as mundane or special, silly or smart?  My view of how I will be perceived based upon my own evaluation in the mirror can affect my interactions with people.  This whole process is almost involuntary, an underlying thought that I don’t usually pay much attention to.  I don’t like to think of myself as being so focused on shallow outward things but in the flesh I can be.  Well, this morning, as the process occurred as usual, a new thought popped into the subtle unconscious evaluation ” You know, it’s arrogant to try and control (or imagine that you can control) the perceptions of others.”  Wow, I thought, is that really what I’m doing?  Yea, I think it is!  I’m living in a delusion that if I can appear a certain way, the right clothes, hair or makeup, I can control how someone else will view me.  How arrogant to think that I have that kind of control over people!  Sadly though, the kingdom of darkness does know us very well and can give us a clue as to what people’s preferences are.  I didn’t realize that this was one of the ways I was placing too much value on what other people think of me.  It’s an attempt to meet all the wrong standards and gain cosmic approval.

I am a girly girl most of the time and I don’t believe there is anything wrong with doing your hair or wearing makeup and dressing in clothes that you like but I certainly shouldn’t do it with that kind of motivation.  If dressing up makes me feel good, fine, but I don’t want to live in bondage to people and their foolish, shallow perceptions.  I need to do everything as unto the Lord, including maintaining my personal appearance.  This in no way implies that I will be wearing “religious” hair and jean skirts!  God is not interested in outward appearances but the mental attitude of the mind(the apparel of the soul) which daily needs renewal through His word to clean up the mental garbage we daily pick up from the cosmic system. 

This is one of those less pleasant things to share in a blog.  Too personal? Maybe. I think it’s worth sharing though.  The Lord is setting me free little by little as I learn His word daily.  I’m excited that the Lord is working to set me free from so much cosmic thinking and  evil religious solutions through His word and by learning who I am in Christ.  It’s making me confident in living as a the new spiritual species, the new creature that I am in Christ. It’s changing my life daily.

Keep Sailing,



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The Ghost In My Genes

This house is haunted, so am I,

I saw a spector with my eye,

It wore my clothes and had my hair

It said that death wasn’t fair,

It wanted life again from me

It promised I could make it free,

It promised it would go away

No more fearful ghostly ray, 

I brought it daily all it asked

I obeyed its every task,

When to my horror I did discover

The thing I fed did not recover,

Instead my life was sucked away

each time I gave it its own way,

Before I understood the truth

It had robbed me of my precious youth,

By then I was too weak to stop

It took from me, every.  last.  drop.

Of Life.

The Ghost in us was born in death

We cannot give it life and breath,

Though for life, it hungers endlessly,

It was crucified with Christ, upon a tree,

There it lost its power over us

Who have believed in Christ Jesus,

We who believe are something new

Brought to life with Christ it’s true,

Ghost and life in one small frame

Being haunted by it, is no shame,

The ghost reminds us where we’d be

Without The Christ who set us free.


Keep Sailing,(happy halloween)



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