Every Thought Matters

I cannot see for myself the deceptions that I fall under, the ones that specifically are taking me away from Gods plan.  By definition if you are deceived you don’t know it.   I rely on the Lord to reveal them to me(He always does).  I also cannot see the deceptions up ahead, the planned attacks from the kingdom of darkness(that very organized invisible system and army that deceives the whole world) to neutralize my part in God’s plan(essentially to knock me out of the game).  Our current lessons have been a very strong warning that we must actively remove ourselves from cosmic influence (stop hanging out with wrong thinking) and watch for the “little foxes” the small thoughts, the subtle, friendly attack of cosmic thinking (often brought to us by unsuspecting friends or family). I know I can trust the Lord in bringing me the warning before the attack comes. 

It can appear as though a little cosmic dabble will do no harm; a little whining, a little complaining, a little unchecked thinking, just a little time with the wrong person.  It can’t hurt, right?  Wrong!  I end up way out of God’s plan, totally unfocused on the Lord and completely focused on me.  The result is guilt and fear, no fellowship with God and becoming a cosmic tool.  Getting back in fellowship is amazing.  Instantly, there is peace and focus, determination instead of self pity,  no fear, no guilt, just confidence.  Total grace from God to live the spiritual life.

Keep Sailing,




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2 responses to “Every Thought Matters

  1. tabitha

    I’m surrounded by cosmic influence, friends, family, systems, media etc. etc. so much so that I’ve been challenged by these lessons and warnings and if I let my concentration lapse I can get a little worried about how to get away from it all. Then once I’m back in fellowship and when I notice it while in fellowship, I remember to rest in Him and trust that He will work it out and remove what’s not needed for His glory. But for those seemingly small opportunities to dabble in cosmic life, I am grateful for the warning and reminder that I am not strong enough to contain my own flesh. Being ever vigilant is a high calling for my new creature, thank God it was created for me.

    I look forward to the lessons on living for others and how they will connect to all the past lessons. As I am trying to sort out how to maneuver myself and my children through the cosmic holiday season, daily life presents smaller, teachable moments I’m to learn from.

    I prayed for a connection to women living with doctrine and I found yours and Karen’s blogs. So thankful for the insight and recaps, I have very few moments to share my true love of doctrine with others.

    • mylittlebub

      It sounds like we are in very similar circumstances. I’m encouraged just knowing you are out there going forward. It’s also a great reminder of 1Peter 5:9 others are facing and have faced(and succeeded) the same challenges I am. The thing that hit me the hardest in class this last week was the idea of not complicating my problems but instead loving the Lord with all my heart, mind and strength. It brings everything down into simplicity for me. Karen’s blog brings me a lot of encouragement too since I have all my female doctrinal contacts long distance too.

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