Virture = Power

Another thing that I’ve come to see more clearly is that when the Bible talks about virtue of any kind it has everything to do with power and not technique.  When God asks us to love one another, He’s asking us to apply His power in our attitudes and actions toward each other.  In some way that make the impersonal unconditional aspect more real to me.  It’s not about how I treat a person, it’s all about the power behind every word and action.  Virtue and God’s power are inseparable.  Virtue is simply God’s power applied.  It’s virtuous to God that you have learned to use the power He has offered to you, though it may not be perceived as so by man.  That is why love never fails YOU but sometimes adds up to not ending in the result that humans see as successful.  The more you are loved the less you will be loved(as the saying goes).  Virtue love doesn’t always look like the love people expect, sometimes it’s separating from a  negative person and not showing excessive kindness.  Virtue is not what we expect and takes years to understand and learn.  Since God’s ways are so different from our ways, it isn’t easy to learn and apply the power that is virtue, it’s messy and complicated as we apply and miss-apply in turn. 

Keep Sailing,



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  1. karenhancock

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Mary. I found them quite edifying, especially the observation that virtue isn’t what we think it is and that learning how to operate in it takes time. I like your summation that it’s not about how I treat someone but the power behind it.

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