2010 Tucson Bible Conference

The Tucson Bible conference was amazing.  I came home exhausted but at the same time refreshed and more relaxed than I’ve been in a long time.  I’ve tried to get a post out but one thing after another has kept me from being able to write.  I think part of the problem is the inability to sum up.  There just isn’t any way to sum it all up and I’m not sure yet how to express how the lessons from the conference have affected me.  I took some time today to listen again to the first part.  There was something life changing once again in these conference lessons and it was mostly a shift in the way I think.  I don’t know how that will affect application at this point but the change in mental attitude is always first.   I caught a glimpse of how complete in Christ I really am.  I saw how perfect my relationship with God is, right now.  I could see that He has made it perfect, that He didn’t wait for me to get it right or do something worthy of Him.  It is an unfathomable love that would go to such lengths to restore fallen creatures even knowing they wouldn’t all respond.  To understand that we are restored to what God wants, right now, that there isn’t anything left for us to do but live in that truth… it was just amazing.  It was also very freeing to know that God isn’t waiting for me to do a great work for Him, I’m to focus on His great work because it is the only work that matters.  Even the great commission isn’t about a great work that we do but sharing with others His great work.  This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have great plans for us but once again it is His plan and His work that will accomplish it.  I have looked at my performance as not being enough, not enough prayer or application but I failed to look at His work in me as being complete.  He has never seen me as “not enough” after-all He paid an enormous price to make me perfect and complete.  As I go through the experience of having two natures this understanding has the potential to give me complete peace of mind even in great failure.  Another part of the conference that really stands out to me right now was the idea of being convinced about reconciliation and restoration.  Usually what happens is that I understand it but in the face of failing or falling on my face I am not convinced that God really is at peace with me and so it takes me a long time to get back up and go forward with peace of mind.  I can see that God is working on convincing me, that He’s really for me and wants me to live in the freedom He has purchased.

We made some new friends at the conference which was very exciting and we also got to spend time with our dearest friends which was very satisfying.  I may have more to say about it later so I’ll just keep it short today.

Keep Sailing,


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