Finding Peace in Homeschooling

I love home-schooling as anyone who has talked to me knows.  The experience has been equal parts totally awesome and anxiety inducing.  I have wrestled over the last 4 years with feelings of inadequacy and fear of failing.  The lessons from the conference and the current lessons have begun to do what I never thought possible.  I am beginning to be set free from the constant nagging worry that what I’m doing as a teacher is not good enough.  The Faith-Rest Drill is my friend, one that I had not spent much time with when it came to homeschool, I felt that it was all MY responsibility so I had to trust in myself (which of course is just plain idiotic).   Knowing without a doubt that God has a plan for my kids that isn’t dependent on human systems or my ability, is giving me incredible peace of mind.  God’s word is dogmatic in stating that He will accomplish everything that concerns my children and that His plans for them are complete.  I think it’s funny how it’s not the “great” revelations that set me free but the simple basic doctrines, like the Faith-Rest Drill, that set me free time and time again.  I just keep learning them and applying them  on new levels. 

School is also going really well, we took a trip to the zoo today.  The local zoo has a free day each month in the winter, so we bundled up from head to toe and had a little adventure.  My daughter became enamoured with a Radiated Tortoise, named it Slowy, and talked all the way home about how she was going to get a pet turtle when she turned 13.  Caleb has always loved animals and really liked the lizards and snakes this time.  We managed to eat lunch in the Giraffe house since they are indoors this time of year, which was nice since it was so cold outside.  I personally enjoyed the Falcon we saw, the Gorilla, the Giraffes, and my kids.  We had a great day.  Our regular days are going well too, I’ve been given some new ideas for curriculum that I’ve needed but other than that we just take it day by day.

Even with the worrying I wouldn’t give up the freedom and closeness that comes with homeschooling, not to mention that a tailored education is a huge plus.  Without the worrying, I feel very relaxed and confident about the future.  The frustration is gone which means I’m in fellowship and can focus on the Lord’s leading. 

Keep Sailing,



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