Royalty Training

We have been studying about the believer’s position in Jesus Christ.  Just where do we stand?  It’s a really cool subject.  The believer is said to be seated “with Christ” in God’s throne room(Ephesians 2:6).  He(in his humanity) is said to be seated  “at the right hand of the Father”(Ephesians 1:20).  This is the highest rank available.  Believers are also said to be “in union” with Jesus Christ both in his death, because our sin natures died with Him and also in His resurrection life where He is right now seated in the highest rank that exists(Romans 6 :3-5).  We get everything He gets, we have everything He has.  We don’t earn or deserve it we simply receive it because at the moment of belief, God the Holy Spirit places us in union with Jesus Christ.  It’s called baptism and has nothing to do with water.  We are identified with Christ, we become inseparable from Him.  We are in Him, He is in us.  We are granted a spiritual royalty. 

Ok, so spiritually,  in the eyes of God, everything that God loves about Jesus is in me and that is what God sees, my position.  Now, on earth, we don’t automatically know that we have this position.  We have to learn about it for one thing and we also have a sin nature that is positionally dead still working in our bodies.  So, sinless perfection is not something we experience here and now although we own it positionally.  Mind boggling!  I absolutely love it. 

I’ve had this analogy floating around in my head of a King who found a scrawny wretch of a young beggar woman and decided to marry her.   It took some time for her to believe it was real because seriously, who would do that?  Anyway, she accepted the proposal, now instantly, she was granted the status of royalty but had no skills either in manners or speech.  The king placed her in the custody of a counselor who’s job was to train the young woman in how to live like the royalty she truly was.  She basically needed a complete education plus learning how to walk, talk, eat, and think like royalty so that she could live and work with the King.   When the training was complete she and the king would be married.  It wasn’t a sham and she had everything to gain.  The training would not be difficult if she believed herself to be in the position of royalty even though she couldn’t perform as such for a long time and even occasionally ran back to her old life when things got difficult.  Apparently this was a VERY understanding king. 

It’s not a perfect analogy by any means, I know, but it made sense to me that we are in something like royalty training.  We have the position but we have to learn how it works.  We are getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit is our counselor who teaches us the word of God which is the very thinking of Jesus Christ. 

I’m enjoying learning about the connection between position and experience and how very rich I am right now.

Keep Sailing,



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  1. karenhancock

    I think it’s a great analogy, Mary. Thanks for sharing it.

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