Another School Year

This last year has gone by so fast.  With doing school and going to Bible conference in Tucson, moving, and getting settled in TX it’s been a crazy year and it’s not over yet.  We move again to our permanent duty station in CA at the beginning of Oct.  I just found out yesterday when we would be able to move.  We are looking forward to CA since I have some family there and of course all the great things to do in CA, especially seeing the ocean. 

School has started again and my Workboxes are working wonderfully and making a big difference.  The kids plow through all the drawers they can do on their own and it leaves me lots of time to do the “teaching” when necessary.  I still haven’t figured out how to keep up with all the housework too but I think a perfect house is a lost cause during the school year.  I’ll take going to the park over cleaning the toilets anyday!  This year we are still using Prof. B math along with Saxon + the Dive Teacher, Noeo Science, The Phonics Road, Homeschool in the woods O.T. lapbook, Typing Instructor (which my son commented was fun because he likes the games and collecting things),  Student Writing Intensive (IEW), and also the spelling program from The Institute for Excellence in Writing and an American History series I’ve thrown together myself.  We don’t do all of this every day but when I split it up over the week it works just fine. 

It will be interesting to see how things go with moving.

Keep Sailing,


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