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Coal In My Stocking?


Santa says, “You better watch out, don’t be naughty or else!”  A jolly old man who uses guilt and threats against children who know deep down that being good even for a week is an impossible task.  He looks bright and cheerful, magical even, but under it all Santa is kind of a jerk, but we forgive him because he brings presents to all the good little boys and girls.


The Savior was born because we were naughty not nice, a gift to be offered for all the bad little boys and girls, because there was none righteous not even one.  We couldn’t have any of the presents, like eternal life, fellowship with God, the true purpose and meaning of life, God’s happiness and real contentment.  God’s plan was always to solve that problem and Jesus the messiah was the answer. “For God so loved the world that He gave His uniquely born Son that whoever believes in Him (trusts in and relies upon for salvation) will not perish (be stuck without God and all the presents for eternity) but have eternal life” The Lord Jesus doesn’t say “Be good or else!”  He is begging mankind to accept the gift of Himself because he wants to give us all the presents.  Jesus took naughty and nice out of the way and offered us Himself as an alternative.  No guilt, no threats, just a free gift for anyone who will accept it.


Merry Christmas!



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My Pastor Teacher; Grace And Truth Ministries, Pastor Joseph P. Sugrue

Go, listen, and learn! 🙂

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