We All Groan

Thousands of years and billions of people each one unique and each one the same; carbon copies of the human experience.  We all sin; we all cry; laugh, love and complain… each individual human is ushered onto the earthly stage to act out so much of the same.  How many of the same petty problems and predictable responses have been re-enacted over and over and over throughout human history?  How easy is it to live the same life that has always been lived by everyone who has ever come and gone before?  It’s too easy.  Too easy to think that our personal drama is the center stage, that it’s something new, as if it hasn’t been seen and done in the same way billions or even trillions of times.  Every time I hear someone talking in those animated dramatic tones about what he or she did to them or said to them, it’s all just more of the same boring, common, idiocy.  Good circumstance, happy, bad circumstance, sad, poke me I get angry, hurt me and I cry.  I tire of it.  I’m not in the least bit tired of living; I’m not saying that at all, it’s just that I’ve had enough of playing the game and sitting on the train of Satan’s world system.  I think most people want to get off, they too see that the pattern is empty or common and they want to rise above it.

The human on its frantic search for originality: Rebellion, Anarchy, Greatness, Achievement or Fame?

We are all drawn to those who live outside the norm; we are amazed by musicians, artists, writers, leaders, conquerors, geniuses, celebrities, and even the just plain odd.   We fool ourselves into thinking they are somehow truly above common humanity until you spend a little time looking closely at their lives.  They may have achieved more than the average person but they share in all the same vices and pitfalls, often self-destructive or even suicidal.

Uniqueness exists.  I think we all sense that.  There is an escape from the mass stampede of meaninglessness that is evident everywhere.  I’ve seen it and am beginning to realize it more and more in my own experience; the wide gaping door of moment by moment opportunity to live a different kind of life.

Jesus the Savior was unique.  He is called the Unique One of the universe, the uniquely born Son of God.  Here is something interesting, He is born sharing our blood and flesh and lives in the same world we do.  For 30 years limiting Him to a regular human life, learning how to walk, adolescence, work, family, and the human pace, walking, not even a bicycle to get around faster.   You would expect so much of the same life as we all have and yet He is entirely original.  He shares in our experiences and our pain but contrasts for us a life without the fallen nature.  He wasn’t predictable, personally ambitious, petty, or fearful.  He was at times troubled and tired or even righteously angry but the point is that it didn’t lead to the inevitable results that fallen humans share in; sin, bitterness and misery.  Where condemnation was expected he brought forgiveness and in great pain and suffering instead of focusing on Himself and His own crisis, He was focused on others and His Father’s plan and promises.  This one man’s life and work and death were so unique it literally changed the world forever.

This different kind of life I need, it’s not mine, it’s HisHis life is the only one that breaks the mold.  It goes so far beyond the best that mankind can be.  I want that and the best part is that because of the free gift of believing in Him for salvation, it’s mine to live in any time I want.  As I read over this, it almost sounds like I want desperately to be a better person but that is not what I’m getting at.  I’m not looking to please God with some behavior modification and pursuit of forced purity.  I am talking about becoming so like Him naturally through taking in His thoughts from His word daily, the way He designed it, by the prepared Pastor Teacher I’ve been called to.  Add to that staying in fellowship with God the Holy Spirit by confessing my personal sins to the Father as they happen on a regular basis.  These are super simple things, listen and stay in fellowship.  Through this pipeline, God creates in me a unique unpredictable life that doesn’t simply “rise above” the common human experience.  I am literally something new.  When I live the natural normal Christian life in God’s plan I’m not seeking a higher plane of existence, I’m living this life with all the chores and pain and love and problems and even the fun, as a new creature (patterned after The Lord Jesus Christ).  There will be something unexpected and wonderful in all the usual human experiences for me if I choose it.

What does all this look like, if I see the old common human experience as dead (and that is what I think is happening for me) and choose this better way of life?  Well, that is the mystery of living day by day.  I don’t truly know.  I still spend a lot of time living in the common patterns of humanity or “the flesh” for short.  I have experienced it at times but haven’t attained the life I have this fantastic view of right now.  I know it’s real though, and so I’m pressing on as the Apostle Paul would say, to reach it, to experience it in larger and larger doses.




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2 responses to “We All Groan

  1. karenhancock

    Yay! You’re back. I love it. Loved reading this post, because it seems so rare to read these kinds of thoughts. You said it well. I love the common pattern of human existance thread…

    • mylittlebub

      Thanks Karen!

      It feels good to be back and to take the time to savor in writing some of the thoughts I get from Bible class and “practice”. It’s always encouraging to know you enjoyed it too.

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