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Not Getting Grabby


I’ve debated doing this post for a while.  I’ve been really unsure I could make my thoughts about it understandable on paper.   That and it’s been the first chance I’ve had to sit and write in a while.  School has been starting to wind down and I’m starting to think about summer time and next year… but despite that, I still have school work to do and house work and all the other details that have made it difficult to sit and write.  Nevertheless, here I am, and I’m going to try and make some sense out of this idea that has been floating around in my brain.

Not getting grabby with God.  I have been reading a novel that has sparked some very intriguing ideas.  I don’t want to name the book or quote from it because out here in cyber-space it’s easy for the author to swoop in on what I’m saying about their book, when really my thoughts about it have very little to do with the content of the story I’m reading and more with how ideas in stories echo back onto the over-all picture of I have of life that give me alternate perspectives.

Ok, so on with it.  In this story a student was trying to learn a vast and mysterious subject and would show up to class each day expecting to gain some factual knowledge that would open the doors to understanding.  Only to his great frustration, the teacher would only play silly games with the students or ask them questions that didn’t have anything to do with the subject or simply talk nonsense.  The student gets so irritated that in the end he just considers the class a joke.  Now the interesting thing about this vast and mysterious subject in the book was that it couldn’t actually be taught by facts and that was one of the ideas the student was supposed to understand after a while.  The teacher tried to relate it to him by explaining that when a boy meets a girl he can’t just go up to her and start grabbing at her or try and kiss her.  He has to take time to first talk to her, introduce himself, and interact with her.  And after that he has to get to know her and they have to gain rapport and know each other’s minds and if romance blossoms and they get married, well…  The point is, that romance takes a long time and love is a delicate dance.  Well, that got me to thinking about how in some ways, we try and get grabby with God.  We sit down in Bible class and expect a sudden and full revelation about who and what God is.  Not only that, we want it NOW!  Or we have a problem in our lives and we expect the Pastor to speak on that subject right then, giving us all the answers.  Then, when that doesn’t happen, we get angry and frustrated.   For some, when they realize that knowing God is going to take years and years of daily dedication to God’s word, they become apathetic and quit.  Or how about the believer positive to hearing the word of God, who wants to devour all factual knowledge about the word so they can consider themselves to be a Theologian and therefore misses the entire purpose of Bible class altogether.   I think these are some of the dangers of “getting grabby with God”.

The opposite spectrum of this idea is that God does want us to seek for Him and to sit and learn the factual details about who and what He is.  There is nothing wrong with aggressive forward momentum in the plan of god and learning His word, it’s just that there are aspects of the spiritual life that cannot simply be “taught” into our brains.  So much of it has be lived and experienced, letting layer upon layer of what you have learned, along with the trying and failing of application, bring to you personal revelation in your relationship with God.  I just love that idea, it makes me think about how, sometimes we just need to go out and find a blue butterfly or hear the birds and relax.   Tomorrow is filled with all its own things and they aren’t going anywhere, so stop racing toward them, live today and find out what you are supposed to experience, and learn today.

Stop grabbing pulling and yanking at God, it’s rude.


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