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Meet The Robinsons

Meet_the_robinsons[1]Meet The Robinsons is a Disney animated film for children.

I really like the movie, it’s cute.  The best thing of all is that I find a couple of doctrinal principles in the movie that make it even more fun.  The movie is about an orphan boy who is an inventor.  His name is Louis.  All of his inventions are disasters and just when he is going to give up completely a series of events alters the course of time and sends him on an adventure.  During one scene he is with his future family and doesn’t know it yet.  They are a crazy mix of characters all quirky and intense.  During dinner he is asked to fix one of his future inventions that makes PB and J sandwiches.  He works on it and then when he tries it, the whole thing explodes and PB and J fly all over room covering everyone!  He is completely crushed and yells out that he knew he couldn’t do it, and he’s so sorry!… but the whole room erupts in praise!  “Brilliant Failure!” one of the family exclaims.  “I’ve seen better! someone else roars out.  He was amazed at their excitement over this failure.  “From mistakes you learn, from success, not so much” they pointed out.  And then they explain how their motto was “Keep Moving Forward”  You always take each failure as just one step toward success.  You always keep moving forward no matter what.  I thought it was really cool.

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