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Still Full

Thanksgiving was a fantastic time!  We had my brother and his wife and kids for a whole week.  There were 5 small children and two teenage girls along with the 4 of us adults.  It was a bit crazy around the house but we all took it in stride.  We watched all the latest action movies and ate WAY too much food.  Far too many video games were played, much to the delight of all the children.  The best part was being able to fellowship around the word of God and march together for a short while. 

We are now getting into the Christmas season, I’ve been decorating the house which is one of my favorite parts of the holidays.  We are working on getting some school work in and getting back to the normal routines.  Knowing that The AZ Bible conference is just around the corner in January is very exciting, I consider it the main Christmas present of the year and I can hardly wait! 

That is all for now,

Keep Sailing,


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