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It appears that another military move may be on the horizon.  This knowledge of impending change brought about a very familiar cycle of thoughts and feelings.  Where will we go?  How long will this take?  What does the future hold?  After the questions, in come the secret hopes and desires.  Since we get to list our most desired places to be stationed I get very fixated on hoping for those destinations and fantasizing about what it would be like to live ____ or ____.  Then shortly after that first brush of excitement.  The fear starts nagging, the feelings of uncertainty and worry that we won’t get what we want that we won’t be happy.  And thus starts a cycle of stress and distress.  I’ve decided this isn’t necessary.  Really, Go figure!

While listening to my lesson tonight.  Pastor was talking about laying aside our will for God’s.  It sort of hit me right there that my main source of stress in each of our moving experiences was my desire to have things the way I want.  If I laid aside the desire for any specific outcome and instead focused on being excited for what God has already chosen, I might go into this whole thing with stability instead of fear.  I’ve decided I don’t “want” any particular outcome no dream destinations or care over when it happens.  I “want” to ride this one out with the Lord.  I’ve seen enough to know that He has carefully planned everything and never left me or failed me.  I don’t want my plan this time.  I want His. 

So, I’m VERY excited!  I’m going to be where the Lord sends me.  It’s never where I expect and always full of challenges.  All my roads lead to eternity with God anyway. 

I’ll keep you posted,


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Living The Invisible Sacrifice

After considering the incredible sacrifices of the Christians in North Korea and other hostile nations around the world.  It’s hard to imagine how the everyday Christan walk of someone like me, a safe secure American, could even matter or have significance.  It has been easy to get lost in the enormity of the calling put on these Christians under active persecution.  I mentioned this to a friend today and she pointed out that a big and unmistakable sacrifice like martyrdom or torture, doesn’t invalidate the small and invisible sacrifice.

God’s scale of values isn’t like ours.  He doesn’t look at His plan for one persons life as more or less important than anothers.  I believe I can safely come to this conclusion after studying Hebrews 11 in Bible class this last year.

In Hebrews 11:17 it says ” By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Issac, and he who had received the promises was offering up his only begotten son;”

Then in Hebrews 11:20  ” By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau, even regarding things to come.”

Both of these men made God’s hall of fame, they were both considered “men of whom the world was not worthy”  They had both become winner believers and it was said of them both Hebrews 11:39a “And all these, having gained approval through their faith…”  Abraham and Issac being at the beginning of an incredible list of Old Testament Heroes.

Abraham was called to offer up his son, fully expecting to have to kill him.  It was a true action of faith, a seemingly horrible request from God despite believing that God would bring Issac back from the dead.   We would all acknowledge that this was definitely an unmistakable sacrifice.

But Isaac was given the same regard by God for simply blessing his sons, Jacob and Esau.  Granted, it isn’t easy to stick with God’s choice when you’ve been deceived and you don’t particularly like the son God has chosen…  Still, to the human mind, God’s plan for Isaac was much easier than for Abraham.  Why should Isaac get to be in the same category as Abraham?

The answer to that question brings out how incredible God is, how just and righteous and perfect in all His ways.  He only asks us to live in His plan for our lives.  He only asks us to endure what He brings to us as trials and testings, some great and some small.  It’s not the enormity of the calling that matters, only fulfilling His plan.  If He calls upon you to endure a martyrs death then that is His plan for your life and you glorify Him to the maximum but if He calls upon you to live safely till a ripe old age daily living in His plan then you also glorify Him to the maximum.  It’s His plan so whatever He calls you to do brings maximum glory to Him.

He isn’t waiting for me to impress Him with the worst sacrifice I can imagine or great works that humans regard as lofty.  He wants to impress me with His plan, then give me the opportunity to live in it.  Which honestly I find thrilling to think about;  Love, sorrow, friendship, pain, excitement, joy, difficulty, exhaustion, monotony, adventure, grief, success, and everything in between all prepared in a unique plan just for me to have the opportunity to reveal, on a stage like no other, the character and nature of this incredible loving God, who chose to be known(uniquely) through a relationship with me.  Jesus Christ, God the Son, made this possible through His fulfillment of God the Father’s Plan for Him, the Cross, where His spiritual death in our place for all sin made the relationship that God desired with us possible.  He then left for us, His word(the Bible) which is the revelation of who He is and as we learn it and think it and live in it through the indwelling and filling of God the Holy Spirit, the revelation of who and what God is, is now expressed in a completely fantastic way.  Through us!

You can work your tail off trying to impress God but if you do it outside of His plan there is no reward.  He only rewards His own work in you.  Your work is really not important to God.  It’s the work He has planned for you that matters, be it great or small, unmistakable or utterly invisible.

Keep Sailing,


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