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Best Homeschool Housekeeping Lifesaver

My homeschool lifesaver, housekeeping friend is www.flylady.net  She swoops right down to my computer with the encouragement and housekeeping organization I need.  All I have to do is follow her short daily instructions.  She knows what it’s like to live in chaos(can’t have anyone over syndrome) and offers her services for free.  In a matter of weeks her program will have your house shining.  All those dust bunnies, the clutter and that mountain of laundry will be off your mind. 

When school gets in full swing around our house I don’t have time to work on a lot of cleaning projects and by the end of the day I’m wiped out!  Without Flylady the work piles up and I get more and more overwhelmed.  It’s amazing how easy it is to keep that monster of work at bay with just a few minutes of upkeep each day. 

I encourage all the moms I know to try Flylady for a month.  It’s free and all you risk is a few emails to delete.  There is no need for us to drown in never-ending toil!  Flylady is a very gracious woman who has dedicated her life to lifting up other women who need help and relief around the house.

Keep Sailing,

Mary Hugill

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