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Have you ever heard someone say, ” If I had everything or was perfect, then I wouldn’t need grace” or at least something to that effect.  I know I have and for as long as I can remember I always thought that grace was strictly for the fallen, the sinner, the one who is failing.  It never occurred to me until our recent Bible class lessons, that grace is the standard of life for all created beings.  Grace is what God freely gives and there will never come a time when we do not need what God is and provides.  God is so beyond the creature, the created being in any form, that for all of eternity there will be more of Him to discover.  We will always need to tap into what He provides as our Creator.  Even in eternity, in our perfect new resurrection bodies we will still need grace, not because we will be imperfect in any way but because God is The Provider and we are the receivers.   In the Garden of Eden when Adam and the Woman were perfect and had no sin or fallen nature, they still needed God’s grace provisions, the trees, walking with God every day… only, once the idea was proposed that maybe there was a way to provide for themselves and live independent from God, be like God, they wanted that.  They didn’t realize and very few do, that the only place that will ever be apart from the grace of God, the only place where God’s provisions and who He is does not exist, can only be described as a lake of fire.  Those who refuse what God freely gives are given exactly what they want, a place where He is not and it’s natural result.  Because of who God is, it is impossible for anyone to live with God and not be perfect and sinless.  In order for God to maintain His perfect integrity, He came up with a plan in which imperfect creatures could be given His very own perfection and therefore be qualified to live with Him forever.  In Love, He sent God the Son to earth where He added to Himself a human nature, born perfect because of the virgin birth(Merry Christmas) and fulfilled the requirements of God’s justice by maintaining His sinless condition and taking all sin and every hindrance that stood in the way of our having a relationship with Him and living with God forever, onto Himself while hanging between earth and heaven on a cross, where He died spiritually in our place with our sentence upon Him and then died physically and rose again so that we could someday have a resurrection life just like Him.  There, in Jesus Christ, God’s greatest provision, God took every obstacle out of the way, just to be with us.  Anyone who accepts the provision of God that is Jesus Christ, is made totally perfect in God’s eyes, transformed and given a nature that cannot sin for all of eternity.  while we live in bodies that still have the old sin nature that we were born with, we still sin here on earth, but that sin was paid for and so we name it to God and are forgiven.  In God’s eyes all of human kind, past and present and future, are forgiven of all sins and no longer doomed because of being born like Adam totally imperfect.  Now, without having to compromise who He is, God can live with us and we with Him forever as intended.  Because God does not and will not force anyone to do anything that they do not wish to do, He can only offer what Jesus Christ has done as a gift and does not make anyone accept it if they do not want it, so there remains just one sin that will keep you from living with God and knowing Him forever and that is not believing that Jesus Christ has saved you and therefore refusing to be made perfect.  All of this is Grace, grace is a free gift given by God and all that you experience in this life by way of air and food and beauty is Grace too.  When you leave this earth you can continue to receive what God has provided, a new fantastic body in a place with Him, or a new fantastic body that cannot die in a place where God’s grace does not exist and the natural result is horrifying pain, darkness and loss.  God has done all He can to make sure that you never experience a graceless existence, but has also made you a free creature able to choose for or against Him but only for a limited time, so that His plan can continue with all those that belong to Him. 

I find it really cool to see grace in this way.  All of God’s free gifts include our existence and relationship with Him and always will. 

Keep Sailing,



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