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The Ghost In My Genes

This house is haunted, so am I,

I saw a spector with my eye,

It wore my clothes and had my hair

It said that death wasn’t fair,

It wanted life again from me

It promised I could make it free,

It promised it would go away

No more fearful ghostly ray,

I brought it daily all it asked

I obeyed its every task,

When to my horror I did discover

The thing I fed did not recover,

Instead my life was sucked away

each time I gave it its own way.


The Ghost in us was born in death

We cannot give it life and breath,

For life, it hungers endlessly,

Crucified with Christ, upon a tree,

There it lost its power over us

Who have believed in Christ Jesus,

We who believe are something new

Brought to life with Christ it’s true!

Ghost and Life in one small frame

Being haunted by it, is no shame,

The ghost reminds us where we’d be

Without The Christ who set us free.


Keep Sailing,(happy halloween)



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