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Who Agrees With You?

I overheard a man talking on his phone in the store this weekend.  He was excited about his favorite politician;  “_____ really has his head on strait” he exclaimed.  His confident tone really caught my attention plus the fact that he was right behind me in the line.  It was my turn after that so I missed the rest of his remarks on health reform etc. 

Later this got me to thinking about something our Pastor said in Bible class during this last week.  He was talking about absolute truth and dogmatic facts from the Bible.  We were learning about Romans 9:19,20 and how in the ancient world debates were a common form of entertainment and since debaters like to use logic to win arguments they don’t really like absolute truth because it leaves no room for argument and removes “logic” as the primary source of grounding and replaces it with God, His word and His sovereignty.  The truth is the truth and who are we argue with God who created everything including the brain we are using to form arguments?  If we don’t like something that is absolutely true then the problem is really with us and not with the truth.  The real key is to know the truth and have trust in the one who made it the truth.  This becomes reality for the believer and opinion is no longer something of value. 

People love their opinions and they are free to have them.  I find though, that very often when it comes to politics people always like whoever agrees with them.  If one person agrees with you then they “have their head on strait” but if another disagrees then they are “an idiot”.  I guess then the real question is, where do you get your source of truth?  Is it absolute truth?  If your “opinions” are based on principles of truth that cannot be changed, from a source greater than you, then great!  On the other hand if you have developed your own system of “truth” by observation, emotion, fear, or personal intelligence then you are just an arrogant pin-head!  You actually think that you have all knowledge, you think that your sphere of experience and observation is enough to predict and create a solidly positive future.  You must be a mini-god in your own right to have that power.  There are no new undiscovered ideas out there to save everyone from pain and suffering or a magic book of secrets that some guy in Washington has to protect you from personal disaster and death.  There is a book on the other hand that has absolute truth and can give you guidance as to how to have a prosperous nation, and what kind of policies and laws lead to disaster.  This same book can lead you through suffering and death with peace and security so that you don’t have to run to men and sell out your freedom trying to avoid what you cannot avoid(personal pain and suffering).  The more people in a nation that have absolute truth the more free and prosperous the nation.  The more absolute truth is rejected, the more the nation suffers, until there is no truth left in the people and it is destroyed. 

The Bible is an amazing book.  It tells us “There is a way which seems right to a man, but it’s end is the way of death” Proverbs 14:12.  Our opinions and ideologies can seem right and kind and strong but if they are not grounded on absolute truth they end in destruction.

Jesus said ” For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him, may have eternal life; and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.” John 6:39  There is no destruction for those who believe and live in absolute truth which is Jesus Christ Himself.  He is “the way the truth and the Life”

Keep Sailing,

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