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Homeschool Curriculum Spotlight – Science Part 2

  As an eclectic homeschool family, one science curriculum was not enough.  We chose Noeo Science as our major science focus but in my research of science curriculum I was also introduced to Real Science For Kids by an acquaintance.  Real Science For Kids was the perfect addition to our heavier “discovery” based science block.   With Real Science For Kids you have three subjects that are covered throughout the year; Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.  What I love about this curriculum is that we get to balance “discovery” with learning foundational principles of science.  I would say that Real Science For Kids is a “fact learning” curriculum.  The main text book is written in the form of a hard cover children’s book with bright and colorful illustrations.  What really makes this curriculum so special is the way the illustrators, Janet Moneymaker and Dr. D. J. Keller have given personalities to all the details of science.  For example, in the Chemistry book you will see atoms as individuals with faces and arms.  Then you will get to see atoms interact with each other to form molecule teams each team illustrated to show how it works.  I was so completely drawn in the first time I looked at the samples of the website.  I was so excited!  I could hardly wait for school to begin!  Each subject is divided into 10 short sections so each section can be covered in a day or more if you like.  We do a section at the end of each week so that if we want we can do the experiment over the weekend.  There is a Teacher’s Manual and a Student Laboratory Workbook that leads you through the scientific method for each chapter.  The text is read to learn a principle and then it is thought about and tested.  The materials needed for all the experiments are listed in the book and can mostly be found around the house. 

I have been very pleased with Real Science and we have had a lot of fun so far.  I would have to say that this curriculum has definitely lived up to my expectations.  I wanted my children to understand and be able apply what they learn in the experiments and they have.  I look forward to seeing the progress as we get to the next levels and I was very happy that we will cover the same subjects again as we advance but in greater detail. 

For more information, check out Real Science For Kids at:  www.gravitaspublications.com

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Mary Hugill


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Spotlight Homeschool Curriculum – Noeo Science

We are loving Noeo Science for our homeschool and I think you will too. 

Noeo Science is a mix of Charlotte Mason and Classical styles.  Real life books are used as the basis for study and discovery.  The folks at Noeo have searched high and low to bring us the best, most informative and visually captivating books available.  Work pages and  experiment kits bring in the scientific method.  All the work pages for the student are provided in an easy to copy form; either in the master handbook or from the website.  There are a number of options for all ages.  The youngest students have drawing pages and the older students write definitions and also draw what they have learned.  There are also experiment forms to copy but they are also provided in the experiment kits.  All of this can be put into a binder of the students choosing, giving them the chance to experience a scientist’s personal notebook. 

Noeo Science is a creationist viewpoint curriculum that doesn’t exclude the references to evolution and the “old earth” stance that many Christians are opposed to.  This gives the parent the opportunity to address the reality of non-Biblical viewpoints held by most scientists and therefore explain what the Bible teaches on these subjects.  Parents just need to read ahead each week to prepare.  So far, we have not run across any such references and as far as I know they are few and far between. 

The kit comes with a Master Handbook for the parent outlining each days reading and activities.  I have found it to be a sinch to follow, it’s so well planned out.  They have the week arranged as a 4 day week but the schedule is very flexible.  All the books and experiment kits can be ordered separately or in the kit shown on the website.  The folks at Noeo have done a great job in providing the lowest possible price.

My children are very excited for each new lesson and the experiments have been really fun.  I would have to say that my favorite thing about this curriculum is what a neat package it is.  It’s so easy to order, the website is clear and interesting and all my expectations have been been met.  If I had one recommendation for the Noeo folks it would be to ask them to offer some fill in the blank type pictures and quiz/puzzles for specific lessons on their website.  Of course that is just the lazy mom in me that doesn’t want to look for it on the internet.  I find that I enjoy learning and discovering from this curriculum just as much as my children. 

This curriculum is all about discovery and I hope you will be inspired to learn more about this fantastic world the Lord has created through the exceptional job done by the Noeo Science Folks.  www.noeoscience.com

Keep Sailing,

Mary Hugill

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