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Homeschool Mom Health Moment – Xylitol

I’ve recently taken stock of what I buy for my family and what we eat regularly.  One small change we’ve made that’s completely painless is to replace the sugar in the sugar bowl with Xylitol.  Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener that is found in many fruits and is even produced naturally by our bodies.  Xylitol is absorbed differently than sugar and is safe for diabetics.  I found Xylitol at the local health food store and bought a small bag.  Xylitol looks exactly like sugar and can be used in baking as a sugar substitute.  It wasn’t cheap but I found that if I went into the bulk section of the store it was two dollars less expensive per pound. 

The sugar bowl in our house was getting a lot of use and so I simply replaced what I put in the bowl.  Now I know that when the kids need some sugar for their oatmeal, they are getting a spoonful of something that might actually be healthy for them.  I didn’t want to replace all my sugar with Xylitol because on our budget I didn’t see how I could.  Instead it was so easy to replace the sugar that got the most use first.  I’m still experimenting with the Xylitol in recipes and so far it’s been great! 

Small, effectual changes are very rewarding.

Keep Sailing,

Mary Hugill


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